Buckley Brewery Beer BottleOne of our readers from Carmarthen has discovered a very early Buckley's Brewery beer bottle buried in her garden. Aware of its antiquity, she contacted us so that it could be found a place in the hands of a local collector. If you are a keen bottle collector please contact Llanelli Community Heritage and give it a good home and tell us more about this old bottle.

Buckley's Brewery claims to be the oldest brewery in Wales. Its roots began in 1767, when Henry Child, a friend of the Reverend John Wesley MA and an agent for the Stepney Estate, began operating his malting business in the town.

By 1795 he leased the site on the banks of the river Lliedi where Buckley's Brewery operated. The name of Buckley appeared in the business, following the marriage of The Reverend James Buckley to Maria Child daughter Henry Child in 1798. Through their sons and descendants Buckley's Brewery continued to operate until about 1987 when it became the subject of a series of takeover bids by bigger breweries. Production was moved to Cardiff in 1998.