Steel Workers' Memorial at Sandy Water Park

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The Llanelly Steel Works was established in 1898 and operated by the Llanelly Steel Company Limited until 1907 when they were incorporated as the Llanelly Steel Company (1907) Limited. The works were then operated by the Iron and Steel Corporation of Great Britain from 1951 until 1960 when they were taken over by Duport Limited. Llanelly Steel works finally closed in 1981 when Duport went bankrupt.

Sandy Water Park is on the western edge of Llanelli where this heavy industry once thrived. The site was acquired in 1986 and developed into a water park by the then Llanelli Borough Council and the Welsh Development Agency.

Today a memorial to the steel workers stands on a mound overlooking the lake on one side and the Burry Estuary on the other.

The memorial, which is often mistaken for 'a pile of concrete slabs', was designed to represent a stack of ingots as would have been cast in the steel processing of the time.

The photograph of the steel works is taken from the film, Tinopolis – the Industrial Revolution, produced by Robert Thomas, and shows steel being poured and ingots lying on the floor (lower left). Robert, and his father before him, was involved with the steel industry for many years.

Unfortunately the inscription on the memorial, being exposed to the elements, is becoming difficult to read [January 2013]. The accompanying photos include one that has the text transcribed for easy reference.

Memorial location:
Lat: 51.681206
Long: -4.180346