Royal Welsh Fusilier – Sgt. David John Jones b. 1893 Felinfoel, Llanelli.

By the close of WWI he was married to his third wife, the previous two having pre-deceased him back home while he was away at the front in harm's way! One of heart disease in 1917, the second, a nurse he met while he was recuperating at Manchester, from the flu epidemic of 1918.

David John Jones RWFThe photograph of David John Jones is interesting as the background scenery is similar, if not exactly the same, as the image of Edgar Voyle. Was it taken in a Llanelli studio [c]? Also, note David John Jones' left hand, it matches a report in a local newspaper... injured left hand at the commencement of the Battle of the Somme [a]. 9th R.W.F. went into the line at La Boiselle on 2 July 1916, [b]. His stripes show his rank as Sgt., so probably dates to around Nov 1918. On his cuffs are two wound stripes – it is not sure what his second wound was.

His first born in 1915, carried the name David Ypres Jones after the town in Belgium, research shows that he never served on the Ypres salient. The closest he got was Festubert during the battle of Loos (Sep 1915). Incidentally, there is a WW2 casualty from Felinfoel , Llanelli, with the Christian name of Festubert.

Two other Llanelli casualties of 9 R.W.F. at Loos were Henry Davies, 14 Adulam Row were reported killed or missing. If the street numbering is the same as it was in 1915, my uncle now lives in the very house?

More touching is the story of Sidney Williams, Cpl. 13163. Injured at Loos (25 Sep15) he was evacuated to Bury St. Edmunds Hospital, England, where he died of his wounds (shot in leg). He died on 20th Oct 1915 aged 37 and is buried at Adulam Cemetery, Felinfoel under a private headstone.

Sergent David John Jones died in March 1966 aged 72, as a result of a dust-related lung disease; the scourge of miners from that era. He was interred in Box Cemetery, Llanelli in the same grave as his third wife. He was the writer's Grand-uncle. 

Notes and Citations

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[c]  According to information received from Lisa Voyle, the photograph was taken at the studio of Dura Ltd, West End, Llanelly.