Demolition of the Chimney Stacks of the Industrial

Messers J. and P. Zammit were a firm of Llanelli steeplejacks that were established in 1913 by Jack and his wife Primrose Zammit. During the First World War there was a shortage of workmen, and it was during this predicament that Primrose, out of a strong desire to join her husband, took up the dangerous occupation of becoming a steeplejack.

Following the First World War the company expanded into structural steelwork, civil engineering and works dismantling.

The first part of the 1966 film (below) shows removal of the remains of the base and foundations of Copperworks Stac Fawr  (Large Stack) that was originally demolished in 1928. This stack formerly stood adjacent to Copperworks Road*.

In May 1966 it was reported that plans were going ahead to convert the former Burry Tin Plate Works at Machynys into a manufacturing unit of Calor Gas Ltd. Part of this conversion included the demolition of its five chimney stacks.

The second part of the film shows the complete demolition of one of the Burry Work’s stacks. Demolished at 11:45 AM on Wednesday 19 May 1966.

There is a brief glimpse of Machynys House in the last few seconds of the film. An old plan of 1757, shows the house as being The Seat of Sir Thomas Stepney. [a]

Notes and Citations

We would like to thank Mr Phil Zammit for the film.

[a] Coal Mining in the Llanelli Area Vol I, page 243. M. V. Symons

* For more on the Stac Fawr see John Bowen Engineer