Artist Diana Roberts~ The Llanelli Years ~ 1965 - 1975

Diana Roberts the Llanelli YearsIn 1965, the artist Diana Roberts came with her parents to live in Llanelli and, over the next ten years, was to produce a number of important paintings, some of which are now held in public collections.

Diana Roberts was born in Worcester in 1941. As a young girl she was a pupil at a Primary School in Studley and, at the age of eleven, went on to study at Alcester Grammar School. Throughout these years, art was the subject of greatest importance to her, and she commented, ‘I was always making things, drawing things. It was the thing that I was primarily interested in. (Diana Roberts, 2019.)

At Alcester, she studied art to O level, and was fortunate to have a good teacher in Kathleen Lavery, who she described as a striking-looking person, who wore different clothes from the other teachers in the school, including ‘a fantastic orange corduroy jacket’. (Diana Roberts, 2019.) Importantly, Kathleen recognised Diana’s ability, and encouraged her. However, the school had no facility for pupils to take Art to ‘A’ Level, which meant that Diana would have had to make her own arrangements for that course of study, if it had come to that.

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