The "Archaeology of Llanelli House" by the Archaeologist Richard Scott Jones

On the 15th November 2011 Llanelly House archaeologist Richard Scott Jones gave a fascinating presentation on the current state of archaeological finds to date. As much excavating as possible is being carried out before the restoration has to continue. Many artifacts have been found and walls and floors that have given an in-sight in to property pre 1714, much of which has not been apparent until today. Richard was able to bring along a few of the smaller pieces which gave a tantalising taster of things to come.

Chairman John Hopkins thanked Richard for his informative and fascinating lecture and presented him with a bottle of wine. A buffet, supplied by Paul Brookfield of the Metbar Llanelli, was enjoyed by all and examination of the artifacts completed an agreeable evening. And, many thanks go to LCH member Peter Sheppard for the photographs.

The photographs of the clay pipes, an artifact we are all likely to be familiar with, led to an interesting story. They were all concentrated in the same area, room 92, leading the historians to surmise that this is where the builders went to have their break, a 15th century 'portacabin'. The pipes are of the period 1660 - 1680. Much research has been done on clay pipes and a whole catalogue of makers marks can be seen at the Museum of London.