Dr. David Davies lecturing at the Metbar Llanelli

Tuesday 20th. March 2012

The AGM completed and committee members re-elected, with the a single change of Jane Carter being elected as Membership Secretary, the floor was handed to Dr. David Davies.

He presented a thesis that many popular myths exist skewing the realty of historical facts. For example, the well known historical figure, Lord Horatio Nelson, is often perceived as wearing an eye patch. Though blinded in one eye, the eye remained in place and  in fact, he never wore an eye patch. David went on to cite other myths, stressing the importance of referencing reliable and proven resources when carrying out historical research. An interesting talk with an important message, well received by all.

LCH chairman John Hopkins, thanked Dr. Davies for his on going support of LCH and for his time given in travelling from Biggleswade to present his lecture.

A plentiful supply of sandwiches, supplied free by Paul Brookfield of the Metbar, was then enjoyed by members and guests.