The Wraps coming off Llanelly House October 2012

The wraps are gradually coming off Llanelly House. The scaffolding and the screens are being removed. As the work of restoring, arguably the town's 'oldest house' progresses, we get an early glimpse of things to come. The primrose painted and stuccoed walls give a new life to the building that for centuries faced the daily grime from the main thoroughfare of the town.

 Llanelly Parish Church 1854 by Mrs Havard (there is some confusion over the spelling of Havard or Harvard)The west wall of the building sees the reinstatement of the chimney breast that once could be seen in the 1854 painting by Mrs Havard and the decorative downpipes and snow boxes get a good coat of paint. Have a look at the latest photographs of some of the restoration work so far...

Worthy of note are:
• The chimney, which was last seen more than a century ago, has been reinstated
• The finials around the top of the building have been sited in their original position. Before the current restoration there were eight on the front. There are now six, with the other two being placed at the rear of the house.
• Note the window at the decidedly peculiar angle. It has been established that this was not as a result of ground subsidence but from movement within the structure of the building. As the house is being restored as opposed to being renovated, this feature has been kept.