Coal Mining in the Llanelli Area ~ Volume 1830 ~ 1871

Volume Two published January 2013 and available from Llanelli Library at £15.00
Coal Mining in the Llanelli Area ~ Volume Two ~ 1830-1871 by M. V. Symons

Volume two adopts the same format as the first book of the series which ended in 1829, and recounts the story of Llanelli's coal mining industry from 1830 up to 1871, a year which marked the beginning of a period of unrest and long-term decline in the local coal and non-ferrous industries. The book starts with details of the geological factors which controlled the mining of coal at Llanelli and then examines the role played by the owners of the main local estates in encouraging developers and entrepreneurs to exploit the coal underlying their lands. Five coal mining enterprises have been classified as larger concerns with two of them - the Llanelly Copperworks Company and the Llangennech Coal Company - exceeding the others in terms of size and importance and being considered in greater detail. A further 43 companies or partnerships are classified as smaller enterprises with their stories told in a separate chapter. A final chapter is devoted to accident records for Llanelli's coal industry and discusses the causes of fatalities in the local collieries. Nine Appendices provide additional detail of relevance to the main text.