Annual General Meeting at The Metropolitan Bar Llanelli 19 March 2013

The AGM completed and committee members re-elected the floor was handed to Phil Poucher, Field Archaeologist with Dyfed Archaeological Trust, who had just come straight from a dig in Pembrokeshire.

Settling down for the 2013 AGMPhil presented a resume of the dig carried out at Capel, a well-known district of Llanelli. Using old maps, Phil set the scene that led to Llanelli Community Heritage approaching the appropriate authorities to investigate the archaeology, before planning permission was given for building houses on the site.
Phil was one of the archaeologists at the dig. It was not long before many graves were uncovered. The bones were in a good state of preservation due to the type of soil and subsequent radio carbon dating gave a period going back to the eleventh century.

The corner of a chapel constructed of boulders and clay was also uncovered, dating it to the medieval period. Previous to this it would have been a wooden construction though there was no remaining evidence of this apart from possibly a few post holes.

Of the few artefacts found there was a piece of worked quartz, possibly a token carried by a pilgrim to the shrine of a dedicated saint. There were also a number of coffin nails uncovered.

L-R Lyn John (Vicechair LCH), John Wynne Hopkins (Chairman LCH), Phil Poucher (Field Archaeologist with Dyfed Archaeological Trust).From the data gathered it was apparent that the site was larger than anyone had envisaged and going back nearly 1000 years it was evident there were multiple burials on the site.

Chairman John Wynne Hopkins thanked Phil for an interesting and informative lecture, along with accompanying slides, and brought the evening to a close.