Kidwelly Industrial Museum Visit May 2013

Llanelli was once the largest tin-plate manufacturing town in the world, a claim that gave it the second name 'Tinnopolis'. Locally it all began in 1737, in the ancient town of Kidwelly, and that was where members of Llanelli Community Heritage went on Friday 03 May 2013.

The Kidwelly Tinplate Museum was originally set up in the disused tin works in 1980, but with more and more artefacts associated with other industries being added to its collection, it became known as The Kidwelly Industrial Museum.

We were greeted at the old works gates by our guide for the morning, Mr Malcolm MacDonald and other trustees and volunteers of the museum who included the mayor of Kidwelly, Councillor Jeanette Gilasbey. Jeanette kindly supplied us all with tea and coffee and Malcolm gave us a briefing before the tour started.

The tour included objects from the giant work's steam engines, to WW2 aircraft engines, a newspaper printing press, the entire winding gear from a colliery etc. We were then left to wander about to view all the other artefacts and buildings, which including a blacksmith's shop and a barber shop.

Our visit closed with more tea and biscuits and a brief from the Mayor wearing her chain of office. The morning ended with a thank you from our Chairman to all the people behind this museum of our industrial heritage.

And the verdict, definitely worth a return visit!