Reminiscences of the Railway Goods Yard of Llanelli -A talk by Graham Cross

Lyn John (L) thanks Graham Cross for his talk on the Railway Goods Yard of LlanelliThe quarterly meeting on 18th of June 2013 at the Function Room of The Metropolitan, in Station Road, Llanelli.

After the business of the meeting was concluded, Graham talked of his many and varied experiences of his lifetime with the railways.

Starting as a boy at the goods yard in Llanelli followed by some years in London, he presented a bygone age of organising the many varied goods transported by rail in an age without computers. He created a vision of chaotic organisation with little consideration for safety now all gone with fewer personnel and computer management.

He also spoke of the steam locomotives, still loved but long gone apart from the dedication of enthusiast groups.

Graham presented many facts interspersed with fascinating and amusing anecdotes.

Questions were taken and LCH Vice-chair Lyn John thanked Graham for an enjoyable talk.