Bus Tour 2013

 Bus Tour September 2013  Michael the driver Bus Tour 2013 

 Llanelli Community Heritage Bus Tour 07 September 2013. A good turn out, about 35 passengers. After a short, sharp rain shower the bus set off up Gelli Onn and on around the route bullet pointed below (crib notes for the navigator!). Lyn John, LCH historian, gave his usual knowledgeable commentary of the many points of historic interest. Malcolm our driver and Treasurer of the Swansea Bus Museum Trust, ably manoeuvred the 1953 Bristol KSW around the  route stopping on a couple of occasions for Lyn to give some detailed explanation of the area. Disembark at Vauxhall - tour enjoyed by all!

• Vauxhall bus stop
• Gelli Onn
• Swansea Castle roundabout
• Past Asda
• Murray St.
• Traffic lights
• Queen Victoria Rd.
• Union Bridge
• North Dock roundabout
• Right past Sandy Water Park
• Sandy Park roundabout
• Left to Pwll
• Roundabout before Dyfatty turn left
• Along coastal road
• In to east side of Burry Port harbour
• Back to Llanelli and North Dock
• Turn in to N. Dock go round and back out
• Along coastal road
• Turn left at Golf course roundabout
• Along the Avenue to Llanelli Town Centre
STOP at Lidl car park
• Continue up Station Rd.
• Continue to Gelli Onn
• Turn left to Felinfoel
• Past Park Howard
• Carry on past Felinfoel Brewery
• Past Felinfoel church
• Turn right – Llethri Rd.
• Past Calsonic & Gate Business Park
• Turn right at roundabout on to A4138
• Turn right next roundabout
STOP at car park at Dyfed Steel
• Back on to A4138
• Halfway lights, turn right
• Continue past Box Cemetery
• Box roundabout (Farm Foods)
• Straight on to Swansea Castle roundabout
• Upper Robinson St. Past Asda
• Murray St.
• Traffic lights – turn right
• Past Llanelli Town Hall
• Back to Vauxhall bus stop