Machynys and Bwlchygwynt Lost Communities Group journey on the Morfa Bus

 Morfa Bus Trip  Morfa Bus Trip  Morfa Bus Trip  Morfa Bus Trip Morfa Bus Trip 
 Sunday 29 September 2013 was a red letter day for the Machynys and Bwlchygwynt Lost Communities Group. They were reliving a journey that many of their members had not made for years. A journey on the Morfa Bus! This was the specially adapted bus that was originally used to negotiate the low bridges of the New Dock area to the South of Llanelli. Two trips were made on the day, which was bright and sunny just like the bright and shiny bus that was waiting in Church Street by the old British Legion Club of the 70s. This was not the original stop, as some of the route has been built over by town developments.

Along the ride the members of the group were accompanied by LCH Chairman, John Wynne Hopkins, who had put forward the idea for such a tour to the group following LCH's successful annual bus trips. Also on the tour was LCH's Vice Chair, Lyn John, who provided the historical narrative for the journey which included many of the Blue Plaques that were seen on the tour of 'old Llanelli'.

The bus journeyed up Gelli Onn, passed the old Buckley's Brewery to the Swansea Castle Roundabout. The original route was joined at Murray Street where it had run so many years ago. The bus sped hastily down Queen Victoria Road to Seaside passing the old 'Stamping' bus stop and Bethel Chapel as if it was on its way home! Down through Copperworks Road and the site of the factory that patented and manufactured The Stepney Spare wheels for motorcars.

We could almost hear the ghost of Dorothy Squires singing ''My Way" as we rounded the site of the demolished Astoria Theatre. Many of the passengers recollected the shops that were in New Dock Road; Bernard the Barber, Owen's the Ironmongers and Perrigo's Café with its delicious ice cream. Turning past 'Gales' old sweet shop the bus carried on towards Ropewalk Road heading to Morfa School where many of the passengers were educated and reached its destination at the Morfa Social Club. Everyone had a happy countenance as they disembarked from the bus that took them back in time.