Tyrfan Blue Plaque Unveiling (sponsored by Rev. Eldon and Beth Phillips)
31st January 2014 – a wet and windy day.
Huw Edwards, Hon. President Llanelli Community Heritage, unveiled the Blue Plaque at Ty'r Fran sponsored by Rev. Eldon and Beth Phillips. Despite the inclement weather the occasion was another successful unveiling of one of LCH's forty seven BPs.

In 1843 the whole of west Wales was gripped in the civil disturbances known as the Rebecca Riots. Aimed mainly at the unfair tolls that were charged for the use of the turnpike roads, the rioters, disguised with blackened faces and attired in women's clothes, would attack and destroy the offending tollgates and their attached gatehouses.

This plaque is in remembrance of what may have been the last of Rebecca's attacks in Llanelli on Saturday 30th September 1843, when she removed the Tyrfran Tollgate on the road to Felinfoel and dropped it down the shaft of a nearby coal pit.

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