The Unveiling of Our Magnificent Interpretive Panel

A brief respite in the wet and windy weather on Friday 24th October, 2014, allowed those gathered in the comfort of the Stag Inn Five Roads, to venture out for the unveiling of the magnificent Interpretive Panel set nearby, in the grounds of the Inn.

Presidents, Richard and Kathryn Thomas removed the Ddraig Goch (Welsh Dragon) to reveal the Panel to the public.

The bi-lingual Interpretive Panel will be a focus of interest for locals and visitors. It is appropriately placed in the centre of our community; in the grounds of a pub which is well known as a meeting place for Rebecca (featured on the panel).

The Chairman, officers and members of the Five Roads Heritage Society are indebted to everyone who advised, researched, illustrated and funded this historical centre-piece for our community. Our panel is an important link in the chain of Interpretive Panels established in Llanelli by Llanelli Community Heritage. The support and encouragement of the LCH has been paramount to the success of our venture. Our thanks must also go to the local councils and to Heritage Lottery Wales.


Click here for a close up of the panel