Kidwelly Castle Visit 14th August 2016

LCH members met on an overcast but warm Sunday afternoon in August at the Gatehouse in the outer wall of Kidwelly’s ancient castle. Although ruined, much of this twelfth century stronghold is still standing and continues to impress with its size and solidity.

Standing beside her monument outside the main entrance, we heard a brief account of the turbulent life of Gwenllian, the Welsh Boudicca. Then, under, the tutelage of Lyn John, we proceeded into the castle proper to hear about its construction and history as we inspected the dungeons and towers.

Most people faced the uneven stone floors, steep spiral staircases and (for some) dizzying heights with equanimity. No accidents occurred! The one-and-a-half hours spent exploring the castle were much enjoyed, and it may be that other Carmarthenshire castles will be considered for future expeditions.

A black and white cat with a stubby tail followed us around. Could this be the ghost of the famous Kidwelly cat, said to be the only survivor of the Great Plague?