On Sunday, 5th May, 2019 members and friends followed Lyn John on a tour of a historic part of Llanelli's municipal cemetery, curiously named "The Box". The name owes nothing to the contents of the graves but is probably derived from the Box Farm and the Box Colliery both of which were nearby, the farm itself having been named first for the number of box (buxus sempervirens) trees on its land.

The industrial revolution had brought work for many and prosperity for some, along with a massive increase in population which meant a need for more burial grounds than the churches and chapels could provide. Planning began in May of 1850 with the setting up of the Llanelly Burial Ground Committee, who stipulated that the cemetery was to be non-denominational, open to people of all faiths. It opened just two years later.

Our planning for the two Llanelli Community Heritage panels in the cemetery took a little longer: we started research work in 2011, the panels were installed in 2013, and finally unveiled almost a year later in 2014.

The older part of the cemetery has a number of interesting and dramatic monuments in high Victorian style, and has featured in television programmes including Doctor Who.

Box Cemetery Interpretive Panel North

Box Cemetery Interpretive Panel South