Bres Colliery blue plaque

Unveiling of the Bres Colliery Plaque

Bres Colliery was located in Bres Road, Llanelli and was the earliest deep pit at Llanelli. The pit was opened by the local company of Roderick, Bowen and Griffiths in 1794 and was taken over by the Pemberton Family, from the north of England, in 1804 and sunk to the Bushy seam at 177m (580 feet) depth.  It was later worked by George Bruin of London and finally by the Llanelly Copperworks Company who incorporated it into their Old Castle Colliery complex with workings in the Rosy, Fiery, Golden and Bushy seams extending almost 3.2 km (2 miles) from the Stradey Fault in the West to the Box Fault in the East.  This complex operated under the name "Old Castle and Bres Collieries" until final abandonment in May 1889


"Coal Mining in The Llanelli Area" (1979) by M.V.Symons