Homes of Historic Interest in and around Llanelli

When William and I arrived in Llanelli in the early 1990s we became fascinated with the town’s rich and colourful history. At the time I wanted to write a ‘Potted History’ because there was not one book that told the story of Llanelli from early times to modern day. That was rectified in 2000 when John Edwards wrote his Llanelli – Hanes Tref for the Eisteddfod followed by Llanelli - Story of a Town in 2001. Encouraged by William I started my project which just grew and grew and could no longer be called ‘A Potted History’. Undeterred, I approached a publisher but was disappointed when my manuscript was rejected.

Then I was introduced to Andy Taylor from Carmarthen who persuaded me to use digital format and suggested I produced my history on a CDRom. My first reaction was ‘A book on a CD – it will not work’. Then I thought about it and decided to give it a go. Andy, William and I worked together for three years and produced our first CDRom.

The rest, as they say, is just history.

So why a book now? Modern technology is great and so much can be stored in a small space and it is so easy to search for a particular topic, but there is nothing quite like holding a book. The smell, the feel and the look, is second to none. It is not necessary to have computer-ware to read the text and it is possible to read a book, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. So here we are –our first book. We have chosen Homes of Historic Interest in and around Llanelli because houses and who lived in them is my favourite subject. William, Andy and I hope you enjoy reading about our choice of historic homes as much as we have enjoyed the research and finally achieving our dream.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and human nature being what it is, we apologise in advance for any errors that may have occurred.

Benita Rees July 2011


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