World War II: Some of the Naval Exploits of Reg Lloyd a Llanelli Man

My name is John Lloyd of Tyr Fran Avenue Llanelli and formerly of Felinfoel Rd and Denham Avenue. It is with pleasure and with great pride that I have composed these accounts of some of the experiences of my father Reg Lloyd while serving in the Royal Navy during the Second World War.

John LloydHe was born in Bryn Place, Seaside Llanelli in 1910 and lived for many later years in Denham Avenue from where he was conscripted into the Royal Navy on 4th June 1941 and sailed on a number of ships, which took him to all corners of the world.

Although he did not talk a lot of these experiences, possibly preferring not to recall them, as was the case with many servicemen, but I did manage, over a long period to note the things he did say and from these conversations and the many items of memorabilia that I have in my possession, I have been able to produce a small part of the history of his travels during the conflict.

He was finally discharged from the naval service on 28th December 1945 after the cessation of hostilities. During the 4½ years he served he only returned home on two occasions.

I wish to thank Benita Afan Rees of the Glanymor and Tyisha History Group for their help in allowing me to chronicle some of my father's war time exploits in their publications and also Clive Davies Design Associates for the superb work they produced under their Principal. I also wish to thank Robert Ephgrave for the compilation of this website.

John Lloyd

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The  above articles were originally published by the Glanymor and Tyisha History Group.  Due to restriction on the size of the printed publication, photos were kept to a minimum. Now published as PDFs on this website there has been the opportunity to  update the articles with all available images.