William Glynne-Jones

Click image to enlarge.Llanelli novelist, short story writer, and journalist.

He was born at 18 Cradock Street, Llanelli, and educated at Lanelly County School for Boys.

From the age of 15 to 36 William Glynne-Jones worked as a steel moulder in Llanelli's Glanmor foundry. After long strenuous days working, he would write diligently in his home, 24 Andrew Street.

Having ended his employment at Glanmor foundry on medical grounds in 1943, he went to London to realise his childhood dream of becoming an author.

His stories recollect South Wales' rich, industrial past with nostalgia, humour and realism. They highlight a childhood of innocence and adventure in a world of poverty. He wrote with honesty, passion and emotion about many aspects of Welsh working class life, interpreting the Llanelli area in particular.

William Glynne-Jones’s writing is absorbing and powerful. This almost forgotten genius of Welsh literature deserves to be widely read and recognised, especially by the inhabitants of the country he loved.